Monday, September 30, 2013

It's coming faster than we think

Necklace, Beadwork Amulet Bag

     Tomorrow is October 1st and I absolutely hate the fact that I am sitting here thinking about the upcoming holiday's.  My whole life I grumbled when I walked into a store and saw Christmas decorations before Halloween got here but as an online shop owner now, I get it.  I get it, I get it.  Each year I tell myself I am going to buckle down get rid of distractions and get great, holiday worthy, items made, posted and promoted in my shop in plenty of time for the holiday's because I know I can't wait until December 5th to start.

    Yet here I sit on September 30th, with so many things going on in my life I wonder to myself, when am I going to get the time to create enough?  This has to be the year I get a head start and make gorgeous, creative, beautiful items for one and all and sell them all so I can in turn buy gorgeous, creative, beautiful items to give to my family for gifts.  But when will I find time?  It just is not going to happen.  No matter how much I make up my mind life will always interfere with the best layed plans.  Some one will need me, my school work will get heavy, I will have an episode that stops me from creating.  It will always be something so all I can do is just move forward as best as I can just like I always do.  I will have new items posted, I will work on my ornaments but I will not be performing any miracles.  First and fore most I will concentrate on the ribbon ornaments for my friend for a few weeks.  Then we will delve into the holiday creation in the free minutes of my life.
Just the real life facts in the every day life of Debsparkles.  ;o)

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