Friday, September 27, 2013


A strong word.  A person can be empowered in many ways.  Today I am brainstorming way's to empower someone and I am going to appeal to your heart.  I have a friend, well I am not sure that is the best description, she is someone who has more than once been a part of my extended family. a best friend to my own daughter, someone we love.  She is in need of help.  Often we all are in need of some help but remember the old saying "no matter how tough it gets someone else has it tougher"
This is definitely one of those moments for me.  I am going to tell her story but I will not name her, she will just be called her because as much as I want to share what she is going through and what I wish to do, I must also protect her privacy.  If you and I are close and have the same group of close friends then you are already aware of who we are trying to help.

She married her high school sweetheart.  Sad and strange as it may be her childhood sweetheart, decorated service man husband quickly plunged her into a life of abuse.  But like most of us woman, she tried to work at things, she loved him and could fix him.  This is a thought I know so very well having spent 5 years married to an abusive alcoholic.  I loved him and I could fix him.  Yeah sure.

She gave birth to two gorgeous kids and the abuse became steadily worse and worse until the day she realized because she is a strong person that she needed to get out of the situation.  She tried living in the same state so the kids had contact with dad but that still left her vulnerable to the physical and emotional abuse.  Recently she came home so she had the support of family and friends  and after a recent court hearing on custody, had to return her children to dads state or face kidnapping charges. 
Any mom can understand the pain of leaving your kids with the man who has beat you over and over.  But she will fight and continue fighting for her children til the very end. 
I truly, truly have to wonder, what kind of a Judge facing a pile of police reports proving a man has beaten his wife over and over, blatantly hands those children over to the abuser without thought to not only their safety but to the woman who has given birth, loved and raised these children and subjected herself to more abuse to keep them safe?  I cannot for the life of me understand it. 

So now to start getting to the point of this post.  As a mom who's kids are her life she has no choice to travel between states for court appearances to fight for her family.  She has friends and family ready to support her emotionally, mentally, physically but the fact is this will cost money.  Lots of money.  Money to travel, pay lawyers, eat and have a place to stay.  The one power not in her reach is ready cash. 

What can I do?  There has to be something, that is the person I am.  Those that know me personally or have been reading my blog know I am dirt poor and never will be able to hand someone money.  But there is always a way and what I do have is my ability to turn my pile of beads into something of value.  So I am in the progress of beading awareness ribbon ornaments.  The samples I have been working on are done in purple because that is the color for domestic violence but I think I will be making them in as many colors as I can.  The only money I take from the sales will be what I spend in shipping.  The rest will go to my friend.  Anything I can do will empower her just a bit more than yesterday.
The ornaments will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop but I will also take custom orders in any color or amount.  If you are interested please contact me through my gmail and I can give you more information.

So as I make and list more ornaments they will pop up on my pictures or give send me an email if you can help.  Thank you and if nothing else say a prayer for my friend to keep her strong while she gets through this fight to bring her babies home. 

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  1. Hey Ma I just now saw this post, and I am crying happy and sad tears....your support and love mean the world to me. I love you so very much.