Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missing again?

I was honestly surprised to look in tonight and see how very long it has been since I posted.  Well I have to be very, very honest.  Life has been more than rough and I just haven't wanted to share with any one so I just kind of put everything on hold while I worked,  I worked more than I should have or could without making my illness worse.  But I did.  The sad part is while I was striving for answers to the illness in my house and the means to carry on and move forward I just made things worse.  Not only am I more sick but I am still drowning in a sea of medical debt.  But I do realize that I have been going about things wrong.  I need to get back to what's normal for me.  I need to start creating again.  Even if every beaded item I ever make sit's in my shop for ever, the creating is an important part of me.  I need to get back to the small way's I socialize.  My blog, yes I can find way's to keep up without alway's being down.  My Etsy circle,  being a part of the community is an important part and I have neglected things badly.  I am smart enough to know that is not helpful to me.  Okay, that's all I have to say for now but I promise I am going to start getting back to my life and I promise to share the good parts (or as soon as I can figure out the changes to blogger ;o)

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