Friday, March 9, 2012

Going in Circles?

I have been home for just about 6 months again dealing with my illness. If you know me, you know that 6 months of being at home is enough to make me stir crazy. I am just not the type of person that can accept that kind of life and be content with it. Sooo a few weeks ago I decided that since I once again have my illness under control, it was time to once again join the living. First I went back to my part time job at Soave Faire. On and off between bouts of illness I have worked there since 1999. As much as I complain about how pysically painful it gets and how completely exhausted I get, mentally this keeps me going and feeling good about myself. I have great friends in my co-workers and enjoy pitching in with them. Then I called my Avon director and told her I was ready to start my Avon business again, so now up to my elbow's in books and literature getting ready to go hunt up my old customers and hopefully snag a few new ones.
I must admit my Etsy shop is showing signs of neglect, just not making room for everything but spent the last day or so trying to get back on track. I have new work to list, just looking for the time and energy to get my pictures taken and listings up.
Now to tell you about today's picture. My daughter was looking for a gift for her hubby. He is a huge Bronco's fan, has a wall of memento's. She asked if I could create a beaded picture with the Bronco logo. I had to really think about it because copyrights etc. But then I decided, I am not selling it, would never try to create a copyrighted work and sell it, it was a gift pure and simple to my daughter so why not? Once I decided it was okay, I grabbed an 11"x14" canvas, painted the background grey and with a little tracing to help me get the logo as close as possible to the real thing , beaded it up!

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