Friday, January 6, 2012


I guess it's good to say Happy New Year even though we are a week into it. Hoping everyone's holiday's were good, I must admit mine were the most emotionally painful yet. Life has been more than just a bit rough these past month's but I am using the typical New Resolution to decide that no matter how tough things have been, I will choose to continue being Optimistic. Things will get better, I will continue to work towards my goals, one of them being restoring health for myself and my family, I will learn new beading techniques, or may be not, I am still having a great time with the beaded paintings , and lately I have been working hard on my amulet bag's and enjoying it. I hate the fact that I do not have my home internet and can't put up new pictures. Soon. Soon. I am optimistic I will find a way to get my tv and internet back soon.
So there you have it, my new years resolution is to continue to be completely 100% Optimistic about things to come. What's yours ;o)

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