Monday, January 23, 2012

My job as Mom

Something was said to me the other day and my gut reaction was "how does any person treat their child that way no matter how old they are". But then it got me thinking how I as the mom of adult children , view my role in their life. Here it is, When my kids became legally adults it was no longer my job to direct what they do or think, or decide how they will live. If I have done my job right while they were growing up, I have instilled values, morals and the common sense to make decisions about their life and now it is time for them to make those decisions on their own. It is not my place to voice my dislike or condemn them if I am not happy with those decision. I can have those thoughts but that is where it ends, biting my tongue if necessary. What is my job? My job is to love them, support them, cheer them on if they make a good decision, and be just as ready to help them pick up the pieces if they make a bad one. That's it , nothing more is up to me. Your thoughts?

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