Sunday, November 27, 2011


Each time I start a new piece of work I have a wonderful stash of the beads I want to use. Often , well alway's I have leftovers when I am done. Seedbeads go into my beaded paintings so they are never wasted. The problem lies with accent beads. There is never enough left for another project, often times I have just one or two or three of a particular bead. Over the course of years I have found I have box after box of these orphans. Sometimes I find a nice bead I can use as a focal point, some times I have 2 that can be turned into a pair of earrings but more often than not these orphans just sit in the box waiting. Yesterday I was brainstorming for some easy , quick items I could make up for my Etsy shop just so I can post something new frequently during the holiday's. I came up with this keyring and it's perfect for all the little odds and ends, as long as I can co-ordinate my colors, the accent beads do not have to be the same. Whether I have one or two or three different types, if the colors match, I can use them. Since last night I have made 5 keyrings on this little bit of experimentation and finding a way to make use of the orphans makes me so very happy!

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