Friday, March 18, 2011

Working again

I do seem to be pulling myself together bit by bit. I am becoming more focused on my Etsy shop and researching some others. I admit, my day job takes a great deal out of me, even though I work only about 20 hours a week so I don't get much done on nights I have worked. On my day's off I tend to ignore things like housework and laundry so I can concentrate on getting items started. I don't normally like the fact that I will have 3 or 4 projects started at a time but do find, if they are started, when I get home and have rested a bit after working I will pick one up and spend a little bit of time on it. A slow way to get stock built up but it is working for me.
That is until last week. I got a message from a sweet lady who liked the bag I made that's in my avatar but she wanted one big enough to carry an Iphone. I have never seen an actual Iphone but I knew it was bigger than the largest bag that I have ever made and it was going to take alot of work. Any way, it has taken a full week of my free time (over 22 hours) just to weave the basic bag. Tonight I shall start weaving the little glass teardrops in to create the flowers. I have to stay focused on it so I can get it done in the time range I estimated to her which is 3 weeks. So this is what I will do until it's done and I will show you progress shots every few day's. Let's see if I finish in the alloted time ;o)

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