Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finished in Bed

I have been in bed since this past Sunday, nothing major just a huge whack from my Chiari symptoms which happens when I am really overtired and stressed. It drove me crazy , not so much that I could not get up and go to work but I was worried about this custom order taking so much time so I grabbed extra pillows and a food tray and worked as best I could between the constant 2 hour naps. It is done!!! It's very pretty, very big, very time consuming but I do alway's love a challenge when it comes along and can't not try. I did make a seperate neck chain and a 7" wristlet chain so it is way to big to wear, she can carry it. I posted it and sent a convo for her to check it out so we shall see it's what she is happy with or not.

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