Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something Strange is Going on!

I don't know how long I can stay on so let me explain and then we will see how long this works. I don't post alot of new blogs because I am basically a very quite person and really don't have a whole lot to say. But I do log into blogger everyday because I truly enjoy reading everyone else's blog. That said this past week I am having a real problem. I log in, go to the list of new blog posts and just as I begin reading I get kicked off. I am curious if it happens while writing my own post. It is truly annoying because I have missed out on alot of stuff I want to read. GRRRRR. That said, I am still here. Why? I just want to read your new posts!!!

I have been trying to get work done this week. I am on a mission to start filling both my shops and have at least 3 Ebay auctions a month up. My daughter made it through her oral surgery and is putting everything else on hold til summer is over. She went back to bartending (which she is great at) and this is the time of year (June through Labor day) when she brings home big money in tips. After she made the decision to do that , it was a natural next decision that my summer will be revolving around babysitting my grandkids. It is the only way to do this, she works all night so must be able to sleep during the day so hiring a babysitter would get us no where. So I really have to find the way to get my sales up so I can start having the money to take care of my own stuff. I did list this bag in Ebay yesterday, yes I am still on the white and grey kick but this was the last one ;o)

So now blogger has let me stay on to post this so I am going back to my dashboard to see if it will let me read anything.

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