Sunday, October 30, 2016

Daily Life

Happy Day before Halloween!  My great grandbaby is sporting her first witches hat !  Time has been flying by while I have been in recovery from May's surgery.  I am just now starting to feel like a normal person, getting around, eating a little bit of real food, starting to work on my beading.  I have gotten used to the ostomy, really good about caring for it.  Well guess what?  Next Monday we start all over again.  I am going into the hospital for the 1st of 2 surgeries.  The ultimate goal being this time next year I will have all my insides hooked back together again just being a normal person.  We don't really know for sure if it will work.  My surgeon is very confident but there are issues.  I am going to go for it though.  I would love to return to a normal life.  Let's face it, this has just restricted me in so many more areas again just at a time that I thought things would go back to normal for me as far as going where I want, eating what I want, being very active with my little's.  If the surgeries work I can get back there.  If it does not work...well a new colostomy will be permanently reintroduced.  It's okay, now that I know how to handle it , if it is what I have to do to live then I will do it.   In the meantime, I am getting ready to put the Etsy shop into vacation mode.  Not that any one would notice these days, LOL!  My daughter and I are doing some house rearranging.  I have been using a hospital bed since my dad passed. obviously spending a lot of time in it since last May.  We are rearranging the living room a bit so my bed can be out there, with bookshelves lined up on one side with all my beading supplies so I can sit and work and have all my television channels.  We will be able to put my recliner right next to the bed with an end table between them for my beading lamp.  I know it seems a bit strange to have a bed in the living room but when people come to visit, which only seems to happen when I am really sick, it will be much more comfortable than fitting them into my tiny bedroom. 
My kids are making me Thanksgiving dinner in a few day's because I will still be on liquid , soft diet when Thanksgiving rolls around.  Oh my ! This will be the first Thanksgiving I have not cooked in probably 37 years.  Not quite sure how I will handle that.  I am staying optimistic that I will be feeling a bit better by the time Christmas gets here but who knows!  Any way, I just wanted to check in because I know I only get here every few months as it is and just maybe I will be up to doing it a bit more while I am recovering.  Would love to have a whole new bunch of beading projects in progress to show you but I truly wish for wonderful Holiday times for everyone!

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