Friday, December 12, 2014

True Desperation

This week I hit a new low.  All the issues I have tried to be strong and deal with on my own for so very long have hit me upside the head and left me taking desperate action.  Last year, I opened a go fund me account,  I felt so very guilty.....I don't ask for handouts, I don't ask for any one to do anything I can try to do for myself....I shut it down within a few days.  Well the brave act has faded, the strength and willpower to continue trying on my own has been totally exhausted.  I can pretend all I want that my sense of humor will carry me through anything and my good upbringing will help me find the way to fix everything eventually......those thoughts have completely disappeared.  I am giving up because I am beyond tired.  I am once again reaching out for help.  I have started a new go fund me account.  With a bit of a twist this time that makes me feel a bit better about it.  I let it be known that if any one donated to this account I would send them one of my hand created items.  I will let them have choices of what they receive.  So in my mind, I am not really asking for charity...I am still working for every dime just like I was taught and just like I always have.  Of course it's only been up a few day's but I haven't even got traffic yet to look at it.  Would you do me a favor.....would you go take a look, read it, then come back and tell me what you think?  What could I do to make it more appealing?  Just a bit of feedback would help because I can't walk away from it this time.  If I do not get some help I am going to lose it.  I realize people that raise a lot of money on places like Go Fund Me have many family and friends that help raise the money.  I don't have either.  My family or what is left of it is not in a position to help.  My friends,  well I consider myself lucky in a way, I have many online friends.  But that is not the same as real life friends that really know me.  There is a difference when it comes to a situation like mine.  So please, if your willing to do what I am requesting,  go read it, come back and give me your thoughts and advice.  If you like what I have done, share it.  This is probably the most desperate cry for help I have ever made at what is probably the lowest point in my life ,   I thank you.  I know this is not the type of blog post to cheer up any one's day but I just do not know what else to do.  I have officially tried it all starting with working my butt off to market my business and then down the line to organizations and agencies that are supposed to be there to help, down to any one I know that might have a few dollars to spare.  But of course it is Christmas time so even those people have nothing to spare right now.   Any way here is the address of the post, I will be waiting with fingers crossed that someone here in blogger land will have some good advice to share:

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