Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Goodbye August

         August has flown by quickly and I do not feel like I have had one minute to enjoy the all too short summer season.  But I do feel like I have accomplished much.  I am very well settled in my new home, boxes are all unpacked, getting pictures on the wall, and feeling content.  I just finished 2 more online college classes and waiting for grades, starting my next 2 classes next week.  Giving some thought to something, actually I have decided to do it.  The town I am living in has a townwide garage sale every September.  I remember doing it about 20 years ago.  I have lived here before when my kids were very little.  I have decided to sign up for a table and now I have just a bit under 2 weeks to make up a bunch of small inexpensive things, maybe bracelets and keychains.  I think I will put my Etsy shop in vacation mode for that weekend and take all the items from the shop.  Should be a fun weekend if it does not rain.  But I better go pick up my beading needles.

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