Sunday, July 7, 2013

Here we go again

I just finished posting this amulet bag in my shop.  I haven't had a lot of time to do my beadwork lately.  I spend most of my creating hours doing schoolwork.  Now, while I am not going to put the shop in vacation mode, I won't be creating for a bit again.  I will just be posting the new work I have finished because my landlord is at it again.
I am very tired of fighting.  My health both physical and emotional needs a break so I have decided I need a fresh start somewhere else.  I need some life changes so Debbie can take care of Debbie before she is lost.  Problem is I have no where to go so I have some challenges ahead as far as what to do with my belongings.  I had them in storage last time I tried to move and let me tell you 3 large storage units is a lot of money. But we are talking furniture and belongings for a family of 4 accumulated over 20 some years.  I am going to have some impromptu lawn sales.  Since I will be moving into a smaller place I have no room for all the furniture other than what my daughter decides to take where ever she may end up.  I guess I have to look at it like I am cleaning out the closet that we just shove everything into.  Once I pare down to what I know I could fit in the smallest of places, LOL, that means my clothes and my beading supplies, then we will move on to the next decision.  In the mean time, my Etsy shop will remain open but after this week I probably will not be adding new items for a good month or so. 

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