Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The middle of December and I am very sadly lacking in any kind of Christmas spirit.  I am the one who if nothing else dives into making ornaments and bakes cookies and makes silly things just for one.  Just not happening so far.  So heading out for my almost daily trip to the library, which seems to have become my "job" so I can stay in touch with the world, I decided to take my time walking downtown.  Saratoga Springs is a small community and one of the things that stand out is the main street in town is full with small, Independantly owned stores.  While we seem to accumulate a few chain stores we still have many, many privately owned places with unique products.  The point here though is that these store owners take great care dressing the store window's this time of year.  Each store, no matter what they sell has enough glitter and shine in the window to make even me happy.  What a great way to get inspired.  I find as I walk down the road, stopping to look at each window display , new idea's start making their way into my brain.  It was a good way to slow down and pull myself out of the dumps and I think when I get home I will have some new idea's to play with.,

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