Friday, May 13, 2011

Tori Update

Some good news in a weird way. Tori will be having surgery for Thyroid removal on Friday , May 20. I know that's the weird part, how is this good news? It is because it is really hard for all of us to sit here doing nothing but waiting while this cancer is growing no matter how slowly inside her.
Our plans have changed though. While we really wanted to take her to Shriners, that's not working out really well, too long of a wait time for us. Too far away from home for family, no transportation for taking turns between who is with Tori and who is home with Josh. We have no car and we just can't see leaving the hospital after surgery to make her ride home on a bus or train.
So, she will be having surgery at Albany Medical Center which is okay. The oncologist, Dr. Valentine has privileges there and will be doing her surgery. Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Amato is at Albany Medical so he will be there, funny part is the day she was to have her next appointment with him was Saturday, the 21st so that makes things really conveniant for everything right now. Barring any unforeseen problems she will have surgery Friday morning and be released on Sunday morning. So this week is preop testing and the waiting will be over before we know it. I know we have alot ahead of us but I will be so relieved when this is out of her. Maybe that doesn't make a lot of sense considering she will stay have the radioactive iodine treatment ahead of her then the surgery on her back and head but at least some action is finally being started. That helps me breath a bit easier.


  1. I'm sorry I'm so terribly late in commenting. I surely pray for your Tori. As it happens, I work at the top cancer research and treatment center in the country. While I'm not a clinician, from what I understand, this is very successfully treated form of cancer. There's a FAQ on this page that may or may not be helpful for you, if only to ease some of your concern:

    The best news is that early detection is key to beating this form of cancer. I'll have you all in my thoughts and hope everything turns out for the best!

  2. Hi Aly, yes we have been told this is the most treatable form of cancer and I have gotten some good feedback from people who have been through it or know some one so we are less worried about this part of her illnesses. I am going to look at the link because every little bit of knowledge helps. Thank you