Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm slacking

I just realized I hadn't posted in a week. I do try to do it each weekend but it seems like I have had a great deal of stuff going on this week. Not sure exactly what but just constantly doing something! I did spend some time going through my "stock tub" and decided to relist this wall hanging on Etsy again. Sometimes when I think stuff has been on there too long I retire it for a bit when the listing expires.
My "stock tub" is a plastic storage tote that I try to add finished peices too so that if a craft show comes up or any chance to show my work, I have a handful of finished work. I have a goal of someday having the tote completely full but that's not easy. Between listing in my shops and daily life it just doesn't happen.

My Jewelry group is still waiting for an answer from City hall on whether or not we will get out sidewalk vender permit. Waiting makes me crazy!!

I finished lining the bead embroidered case and I am in the process of sewing it together so hopefully will be able to show you a picture of the completed peice in a few day's.
Also working on a handful of the Butterfly necklaces.
That's about all that is going on right now so I hope your enjoying beautiful weather this week. I am loving being able to be outside.

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