Monday, June 24, 2013

More slippers

As I patiently wait for my grades on the 2 classes I just finished, the weather is finally beginning to scream summer so I can walk as often as I wish.  That means I can scout out the areas they have put this installation through town and just about anything else that catches my eye.  I guess with all the things I have to complain about where I live, I also have to admit we have alot of great things in this town to.  We truly have history and I should not forget that, share it with my grandkids and be more aware of what is alway's going on around me.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

En Pointe

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a few years, You know I live in Saratoga Springs, NY, home of 150 years of Harness Racing.  We also have other major attractions such as the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  All summer we have major events such as the Opera, Orchestras, Bluegrass Festivals and for a few weeks summer the NYC Ballet calls Saratoga Home. 
We are a tourist town.  Our winters are spent getting ready for the summer overload and each year they seem to have some type of theme.  Yesterday I spotted a truck going down the road with some of these 5" tall ballet slippered feet.  Handpainted by local artists, they are truly gorgeous.  Each one is painted differently.   A number of years ago, this was done with fiberglass horses and we had them allover town painted and decorated in so many striking way's it would make your head spin.  At the end of tourist season the horses were auctioned off to benefit a local charity.  Many of the horses were bought by local businesses so we get to enjoy them every summer.  I think I will try to take a walk and snap a picture for you in the mean time  I just love this years ballet motif.  Wondering if they would plant one on my front yard?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Un motivated today

I am sitting at the library computer.  I came to post this new amulet bag in my Etsy shop then get down to my school work for the day.  Trying, trying, got the amulet bag posted.  Went into class and posted an assignment I have due today and then went to post in our daily discussions and completely lost my good intentions.  I am tired, I am feeling just a bit lazy and yup, I am very un motivated.  I just want to lock myself in my studio and make something.  Maybe take a nap with my chihuahua.  Maybe because I am in the middle of my last week of the 2 classes I am in, I am so close to the end, but I just am not in the mood to apply myself to my work today.  I will have to get over it, I need everything done by Friday afternoon so I can head for my son's for the weekend.  New classes start on Monday..........Yes, I think a nap with my chihuahua is in order.  After that I may feel like getting things done.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amelia Rose

My newest grand baby turned 2 months old on fathers day.  It has been amazing for me to be with her every weekend and then away from her during the week.  This has given me the opportunity to see how much she changes every week of her tiny life and I have to tell you she is such a character already.  My heart is so full having this precious little person in my life. 

Hints of Spring

It is funny how the changing seasons dictate what I want to make.  For sure I want to make baseball ornaments, ice cream cones and butterflies, all the things that make us think of spring.  Starting to get the momentum going and work but I am in my final week of my current two classes so a big test coming up at the end of the week in each but I am not too worried, I think I have done well in the classes and will do well on the finals.  My only worry is how much harder the next two classes will be.  If nothing else I cannot say I am bored.  Working on my craft, working on my school work, working on my life ;o)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeling good

My schedule is falling into place, I feel a bit more normal each day that passes.  I am spending more and more time each day on my school work and I am okay with it.  I have one more week of my first 2 classes and I am feeling good about how well I am doing.  My work table is covered with bags of sequins and piles of felt because I really feel the need to get a ton of ornaments into my Etsy shop and every once in a while get a beaded piece in there just to shake it up.  As the physical part of my illness gets worse the normalcy of the things I do through out the day will stop me from missing the things I cannot do.  There is still alot of things a mess in my life but I think I am doing okay with them.  I think I am feeling good with where I am at right now.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy busy busy

I sometimes wonder how I get so busy.  Since my newest grand daughters birth I have gone at least 2 day's a week to be with her, babysit while my son and wife get their groceries and baby supplies and give them just a few hours break away from the baby. 
I started online college courses last March.  I made the decision for a number of reasons, first I will not ever stop dreaming that the day will come that I am healthy and can work again and at my age it would really be nice to be working at something that gave me a living wage so I can forsee the day coming where I don't struggle over life's basic needs.  Second of all I need to keep my mind busy, my brain exercising.  I do know certain area's of my brain don't work as well as they should since my 2004 surgery.  If I am not doing something that makes me use the brain, reading, writing, retaining information, my problem will get worse so I just may be a college student for the rest of my days. 
What I did not realize was how intense the work was going to get!  I am spending alot of time just doing schoolwork every day.  Good for my brain but not my beading fingers.  I spend less and less time each day beading.  I have to find a way to schedule in a certain amount of beading time each week so I have a continuous flow of new work for the shop. 
That being said, I did get a small, 5"x7" beaded picture done and listed this week but I fought with my camera for three day's trying to get a nice enough picture.  That failed.  I took it in every area of the house, inside and out, used my flash, turned my flash off,   nothing helped.  The picture has gorgeous shades of blue that just will not properly show in the picture so eventually I just gave up trying and picked out the best of the bunch.   Heading for my next project now....probably some homework!